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Mold Inspector license number #80827 | Mold Remediation license number #80785

About Us


We offer a two year service assurance for remediation : the terms we require you to meet is that the task is paid fully and also the conditions are such that the origin of the leak or what could be resulting in mold formation is remedied before commencing on the task prior to us issuing you with the two year service assurance ( in the two years’ time frame the client encompasses a right to contact us to inspect/treat with no further charge).


Mold infestation and water damage are serious problems. Our mold removal service has developed a skilled, meticulous, and reliable approach in the restoration of your business or home’s indoor air quality.

We can assure you of our service quality as well as experience first-hand, the sense of safety that our services offer you. We will efficiently handle any type of water damage and mold infestation and ensure complete elimination of odour, moisture, and mildew.

Our company solely utilizes equipment that is state of the art and independent agency approved disinfectants to rid of your business or home of odour, moisture, mold, and mildew.

Our extremely professional employees are devoted to providing premium service. We always work closely with our customers to know their desires and issues throughout the entire process including the mold scrutiny and/or mold rectification processes. You will get total relief when you contract our services that will be done by experts in effective mold removal.

If you think you have detected mold in your office or home, contact us and talk with our professional team members.

Our goal is to ensure that you Breath Easy!!

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