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How do I know if I have mold?

There are three basic indications that you may have a mold problem:

1) A musty, earthy or mildewy odor. You may notice the odor in a specific area of the property. Sometimes mold lives behind walls, behind wallpaper or underneath carpeting so you may not immediately associate the smell with mold.

2) The appearance of mold: Some mold growth is visually obvious and easy to distinguish. However, sometimes mold may just look like discoloration on the wall or you might notice some water marks indicative of moisture behind the walls. If either of these scenarios are the case, mold may be the culprit.

3) Health symptoms: If you feel listless, congested and experience watering of the eyes while in your home or business, these can all be signs of presence of mold. It is not uncommon for a person who lives in a that has mold to feel better while our of the home and suddenly feel ill the minute they step through their front door.

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