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Mold Inspector license number #80827 | Mold Remediation license number #80785

Mold Inspection & Testing

A visual review is the most vital initial step in spotting any mildew contamination.

The purpose of carrying out a visual analysis is to spot visual mildew contamination or conditions that will be contributing to microbic growth; to sight the presence, or lack thereof.

We zero in on the possible areas in your business or home. We look out for signs of mildew growth similar to actual mildew growth on your building walls or indications that there is also any kind of moisture that may be present behind your walls. Indications of moisture may be too much condensation on windows, clogged gutters, leaks, exterior wall gaps and cracks, walls that have water spots, and an uneven foundation.



A visual inspection is done on all air con, heating, and ventilation systems, notably for damp filters as well as for damp conditions in other areas within the system in addition to overall cleanliness.

Once the areas are visually assessed for visual mildew and any growth of the same as well as proof of significant moisture, we’ll then try to pinpoint the moisture source that is presumably the explanation that you probably have a mildew problem.


Air samples and swabs are taken from the pinpointed areas that are thought to be the contributing areas to mildew growth. It is worth noting that cross contamination is usually a huge problem thanks to ventilation systems, fan, heating and air con systems. This is to say that an air supply that we start to check from the first floor of your building, is presumed to be a channel through which mold spores are transported to other areas of the property via vents and ducts as these spores are airborne.

After all of the required information is accumulated, the samples are sent to our labs for further analysis. Once the research lab results are out and which confirm that there’s after all mildew growth detected, we give you the results in a comprehensive report that show that indeed there is mildew in your property. The results also come with a proposal for the remedy which is also given to you.

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