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Myth #1: Mold problems are found in filthy and messy houses only.

The size of mold spores is so small and lightweight and can travel several miles through the air and hence can infuse any environment in a matter of seconds.

Mold spores grow in environments that are rich in moisture. Moisture forms after water damage as a result of leaks and floods that penetrate walls, ceilings, households staples, and carpets. This means that no matter how clean a house may appear it may actually be a mold breeding site.

Myth #2: The black mold is the only harmful type.

There are many types of black molds with the most talked about and deadly being the Stachybotrys. However, there are lots of others having a similar color but are not lethal.

Myth #3: The black molds are deadly while others are not a major concern

Did you know that mold comes in various colors including blue, orange, or white. The species of mold, as well as the conditions and source determines the color, size, and shape. The color is not an indicator of the lethality of a mold species. There are some white molds that are as dangerous as the black molds and which grow on surfaces and walls.

Myth #4: You can use bleach to remove mold

It is not advisable to use bleach as a fungicide first, because it is harmful to the human as one douches the mold infested area. Secondly, the moisture from the bleach solution penetrates the surface and creates moisture for the mold roots to grow again. However for small mold patches, you can use bleach. Ensure the spot dries quickly ideally between 24-48 hours to deter re-growth of mold. In addition, make sure you resolve the water sippage problem to avoid a recurrence of mold growth. Check the mold thoroughly as some grows behind the walls besides just the surface.

Myth #5: Painting over the mold will resolve the mold issue.

Mold can grow right through the paint causing the paint to peel off. Whether you are using ordinary or mold resistant paint, you still need to remove the mold first.

Myth #6: Mold and mildew are different things.

The two are one and the same thing. Mildew is a specific mold type.

Myth #7:You cannot maintain the value of a previously treated home for mold.

What differentiates two homes that have both been treated from mold is the approach of remediation.

Mold spores are lightweight and are carried through air to a suitable surface. If the mold is not removed with the right remediation process then the value of a property will decline. In addition to proper remediation, moisture should be maintained to ensure that a re-growth does not occur.

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