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Mold Inspector license number #80827 | Mold Remediation license number #80785

Post Mold Remediation

The aim of a Mold Clearance Check or Post RemediationVerification Inspection (PRVI) is to assure that the mildew cleanup has been properly done and in a manner that is effective within the work space and to verify that the cleanup process failed to accidentally spread high levels of moldy debris and dust into neighbouring building areas or to the mechanical systems including heating and air-con systems.

To conclude the rectification, a PRVI inspector may opt to perform an integrated project clearance review which includes a visible review of the removal extent and infected materials/areas cleanup with samples collected from the area undergoing a microscopic examination.

Our professional PRVI inspectors are accountable in ensuring that the subsequent is done:

Visual review

S/he can ensure that the cleansed space and entire building area are fully cleaned of mildew mold and antifungal sealing material was applied to the areas that were cleaned. They’re going to additionally ensure that each one of the contaminated materials are properly disposed.

Clearance Sampling

The specialist can collect samples from the physical surface that seems mildly discoloured or dirty. If all surfaces appear to be clean s/he can collect a minimum of one sample of settled dust from a cleansed surface in every major space. The specialist will give a close look at all areas (using HVAC systems) that are at explicit risk of getting cross-contaminated by insufficient dust containment procedures throughout the cleanup. We are going to additionally collect some air samples from the contained spaces and one from the surface area that was clean prior to rectification.

General condition of the property

S/he will record the current conditions which can still place the building in danger of a brand new mildew drawback, for example failure to correct numerous leaks, exterior gaps and cracks, and clogged gutters (etc).

Data on Process Clearance

After all of the required information is accumulated, we are going to send the samples (both air and swab) to our laboratory in order for it to be analyzed further. Once the lab results are received and which confirm that your property is freed from mildew, we offer you with a certificate of clearance which states that your property is formally a mildew free area.

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