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Thermal Imaging

There is a growing request for Infrared inspections for industrial, commercial, and residential, applications. The inspections utilize identical technology to that used in the aerospace, medical, and military industries.

Limiting detection of moisture to visible proof is usually not a satisfactory option. By the time there is any visible proof that has conferred itself, a lot of harm could have already occurred. In several cases, water intrusion or moisture could have started developing and gone on for some time prior to any obvious signs being detected. Inspectors use thermal imaging, to find wet problems before they result in massive issues leading to serious harm, and the inspectors also gather details wherever intrusion of moisture has already visibly occurred.
A visual scrutiny that features thermal imaging is important for the subsequent reasons:

  • It permits examination of areas that don’t seem to be visible to the eye.
  • It permits examination of areas that are tough to access, including tall ceilings.
  • It permits for quick examination of larger areas.
  • It assists in finding sources of moisture intrusion, including roof and/or plumbing leaks.
  • It helps in confirming the moisture intrusion extent.
  • It permits the user to map the moisture intrusion through different areas that are affected.
  • It identifies moisture while not necessarily making direct contact in probably unsanitary areas, for example, behind the bathroom.
  • It provides a moisture intrusion’s visual documentation.

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