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Water Damage & Restoration

If you’ve got a leaking pipe, a flood, leaking roof, non-functional appliance, waste product backup and any other supply of enormous amounts of water intrusion getting into your property, then you’ve got water damage. If you have left the situation unattended for24-48 hours, presumably mold has started developing.
If you are dealing with water damage, the primary factor that must be done before mold remedy will happen is restoration of the water damage.


The equipment that we have for water extraction is sufficient to utterly take away the bulk of the water from the affected area(s) even that which has reached the carpets and fabric. However, sometimes, the damage may at times to be too intensive for the professional team to handle and in such instance we advocate that you simply opt for an organization that has the correct equipment to handle such an extensive matter.

Once we have extracted a large percentage of the water, we will then proceed to use industrial fans, dehumidifiers, and equipment for desiccation for drying speedily the areas that may still be wet.

Once the space (s) are utterly dry we proceed to use a HEPA filtered vacuum to wash up any residual dirt that may have settled on any of the area surface(s).

Upon completion of the drying process, we proceed to get rid of any mold growth that may be present in the air and on the surfaces.

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